Trademark search analysis. Instantly.

TM TKO is the best first step for trademark clearance, or for researching the field of relevant marks to prepare an office action response. Our disciplined, comprehensive approach to search and graphical analysis of confusion and descriptiveness risks position trademark professionals to make well-informed judgments easier and faster.

Walkthrough actual TM TKO reports: Silly:)Goat for cheese, Aqua Dog for beer, and Valhalla Siege for games.

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Benefits from using TM TKO

Easy to Use

  • Simple search form with smart auto-suggest
  • Easy to interpret graphs
  • No up-front strategy development required


  • Extensive battery of mark similarity comparisons
  • Huge universe of goods/services comparisons
  • Integrated common law search

Intelligent Analysis

  • Helps statistically quantify likelihood of confusion risks
  • Helps statistically quantify descriptiveness, genericness, & disclaimer risks
  • Visualize crowded fields and other difficult-to-describe search results


  • No search strategy development
  • Completes most reports in seconds
  • Eliminate spending thirty minutes or more on manual searches
  • Free more time to meet other client obligations

Great Value

  • Unlimited search and watch notices
  • Cheaper than 'un-analyzed' report data
  • Short-circuit slow, expensive searches
  • Even when time-crunched, you can still limit full searches to only the most promising marks

Simple Collaboration

  • Add comments directly to the report
  • Save or share reports
  • Secure - you determine who can view reports
  • Meet client demands with quick turnarounds

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